Металличесий миксер

MXB075/MXB200 Drum Mixer/Agitator

MXB075, ¾” Drum Agitator fits into the ¾” NPT hole in standard drums.  It allows for uniform agitation of low to medium viscosity liquids, suspensions esmfg170and thixotropic liquids while pumping simultaneously through the 2” opening.  MXB-200 screws directly into the 2” NPT drum opening and has a 1.75” blade diameter for increase mixing surface.

1.¾ HP American made Gast air motor (MXB075) 1 ½ hp Gast air motor on MXB200.

2.Unique stainless ¾” threads for long life.  (MXB075 only).  One pi
ece anodized aluminum housing on MXB200.

3.Corrosion free Delrin resin block bushing to keep motor free from contamination.

4.Color coded graduated 3/8     ” NPT needle valve for consistant mixing RPM.

5.Stainless Steel Shaft construction.

6.32” shaft length standard. Shorter shafts available by custom order.

* Maximum air consumption – 25 CFM


esmfg171Blade diameter is larger than the 3/4” NPT opening so to install rotate the blade into the ¾” of the drum, and then lock the stainless nipple into the drums threads.