Electric Fiberglass Mat Cutters

Electric Fiberglass Mat Cutters

Our imported line of cutters come with standard shaped blades which cut fiberglass materials such as chop м strand, woven roving, bi- axials, tri-axials and other common materials. MB series cutters range from 110mm blade diameter to 50mm blade diameter.

MB-110 Heavy Duty Fiberglass Cutter 115v or 220v


esmfg143-Heavy-duty cutter for heavy weight fiberglass

-110mm (4.25″) 4 sided HSS bladeesmfg145

-32mm (1.25″) Capacity

-Mounted sharpening stone
-1/4H.P. (180w) motor

esmfg144-Available in 115v or 220v
-Our best and heaviest duty fibre cutter

-4 wheels on base plate for easy table to cutting

-Ajustable guard to limit blade exposure



WBT Cutter 115v & 220v


This battery powered all-purpose cutter is complete with two, carbide insert blade assemblies. One with increased angle for easy cutting of tough materials and the other for long life.
A serrated blade is also available.
Re-Chargeable separate batteries can be purchased to always have a fresh battery, ready to go. Also included is an A/C adapter that replaces the battery for “plug in” operation.