Until now, slitting glass fiber rolls was either too expensive for the average

shop, or too cumbersome for the average lam
inator.  Slitting rolls of glass fiber by conventional saws left

uneven, frayed edges.  More expensive machines mandate the purchase of expensive mandrels for

every different diameter cardboard core.  Unless you slit multiple pallets of glass per day, it just was not

feasible.  (E S) is proud to introduce the SwisCut 700.

The SwisCut 700 is an ingenious design that does not rotate the glass, but slices through the glass with

precision ground blades that reciprocate in opposing direction to gently shear though the glass and

core leaving a perfect, straight edge. This designed and built in Switzerland machine is easier to use than it’s

counterparts, and meets tough European safety standards with it’s guard design and shut-off sensors.

It’s anodized hopper  assembly, ground stainless adjusting shafts and ball bearing slide adjustments insure

long life in the harsh fiberglass shop environment.  It even has casters on one end so it can be located in

different areas in your shop.

SwisCut 700-PRE

Shown here with optional extensions on both ends for large with rolls.









Cutting Time: 30 Sec.  Up to 2 min.  Depending on roll diameter, core thickness & blade sharpness. Cutting Width: Minimum  Approx. 50mm (2″) with sharp blades

Cutting Diameter: 700mm (28″)

Dimensions: 127 x 85cm, 132cm high Weight 125 kg.

Power Req. 220/440 3 phase motor with gear reduction and adjustable amperage motor starter