Gel-Coat 180

The GEL-COAT 180 equipment comes equipped with an atomization gun by air (low pressure) with GEL-COAT 180internal or external mix and optional solvent kit. It is consecrated to the gel-coat large application on big surfaces with high material efficiency and labor economy.

Catalyst injector, with 5,5 liters capacity and 10 to 180 cc/min out put, and 30 liters pressure tank.
atomize the catalyst and introduce gel-coat in the gun.

Solvent kit with valve, hose and an optional tank.

It represents the GEL-COAT 180-MULTI as a variable with different colors supplied by 48 liters gel-coat tanks with different holes for each color as a possible use.

Quick disconnect allows the fast change color to be apply without time and material wastage.
The GEL-COAT 180W and GEL-COAT 180-W multi equipments are available versions provided by without car for assembling against the wall.

Air Required: 12 cfm
Out Put: up to 4 kg/min
Weight: 100 kg