FSP-SC Spray Coring

FSP®-SC Spray Coring is a sprayable core material especially formulated to give rigidity to FRP parts. Labor is reduced, and it can even be used in automated process, to spray rapidly thickness of 1 to 5mm on composite parts, vertical and horizontal, according to the needs of the final piece.

FSP®-SC Spray Coring is also used as a «Print Blocker» behind the first layer of laminate, to protect against fiber marking of the structural laminate, and against potential distortion due to materials shrink and exotherm.


FSP®-SC Spray Coring requires good workshop conditions, a skilled operator and an adapted equipment for a good projection.
The main suppliers of equipments are able to offer an equipment for this particular type of projection.
Euromere provides the requested assistance at the beginning, as well as most of the equipment suppliers. The process remains anyway close to traditional application such as gelcoat spraying or spray-up of glass fiber and resin.


A clever mix of ingredients selected to obtain the requested final properties: low density – stability – high mechanical performances – ease of use – low exotherm – limited shrink – blue die catalyst revelator… Packed in 150 Kg (200L) drums.
Those properties make it a unique sprayable material to stiffen composites parts, and big moulds for which weight savings and print through reduction are important.

How to produce more and better ?

Produce more and better with less labor ! FSP®-SC Spray Coring enables to make production savings up to 40% on complicated shaped parts, when the use of traditional cores is more a puzzle than an industrial process… parts are more rigid, lighter, and are produced faster with less workers.

High performances !

Thickness is regular and easy to apply, and resistance against cracking is consequently improved compared to classical methods used to stiffen polyester parts.

Mechanical properties are improved by 20 to 30% compared to former solutions.
Fiber marking is also much reduced, surface tension is superior and surface quality durability is improved.

Application in composites
FSP®-SC Spray Coring is an industrial solution to improve quality and productivity in diverse industries : Boat construction, swimming-pools, composite moulds, tanks, sanitary, panels, and any sector which requires to build a structure whose thickness must bring rigidity, but with light weight, and when labor and production time are critical.


FSP-SC 1527
FSP-TC 1560

Comments Application Viscosity / poises Thix. Index Density (± 0,05) Gel time / min (on130gr mass, at 20°C,2% MEKP 50)

Application in sandwich construction, to replace fiberglass, felt, foam, and other core materials.High mechanical properties, high rigidity, no water uptake.Significant time savings, no roll, application up to 5mm in vertical without sagging.Improved surface quality (low exotherm, low shrink, fiber-marking reduction)Low styrene content. Spray 550-700 > 5 0,7 15-20
Application as a thick top coat, to fill the surface defects of laminates.Good surface tension.Can be laminated over without sanding. Spray 500-650 3,5 0,7 15-25