Приспособление для рубки ровинговой нити с прямым приводом CDA-08

Fiberglass Choppers

CDA-08 Direct Drive Chopper


*New Design increases cutter head surface by 32% and increased quantity of chopped material between blade replacements by 33%.

*Increased start-up torque for more controllable chop glass volume

*Light weight unit for easy glass fiber chopping.

*4.0 lbs/min. Output with 1″ long strand.

*3.5 CFM @ 80psi.

*High speed blades for long life.

*Standard size anvil roller sleeve.

*Our most popular chopper gun.




CGA -08 Gear Reduced Air Chopper

* More volume control at low rpm’s.

* 3.5 CFM @ 80psi.

* 3.5 lb./min. Glass Fibre Output.

* Standard replacement parts as our standard choppers.

CDA-08 & CGA-08 Parts List

CA-002A Air Motor esmfg2
CA-002AG Geared air motor
CA-004 Aluminum Cover
CA-005A16 Cutter roller assy./air
CA-006 Blade retaining ring
CA-007-PK Cutter blades (12)
CA-007-100 Cutter Blades (100)
CA-008 Feed Roller assembly
CA-009 Feed Roller
CA-010 Anvil roller assembly
CA-011 Anvil roller
CA-014 Cover Mounting Bushing
CA-015 Cover Mounting Stud
CA-016 Shaft for Anvil/Feed Roller
CA-017 Set Screw Anvil/Feed Roller