Portable Electric Fiberglass Mat Cutters

Portable Electric Fiberglass Mat Cutters

Our imported line of portable cutters are perfect for smaller materials and more intricate cutting patterns.  MB cutter have shaped blades for efficient fiberglass material cutting.

MB-60 Battery Powered Fiberglass Cutter 115v or 220v








Long life Ni-cad battery power makes this unit easy to handle for intricateesmfg134
shapes.  Push button shapening device keeps the 10 sided blade ready to cut a wide variety of materials. Features an adjustable guard for safe operation. Shipped complete with one extra blade and battery charging device.

MB-50 Portable Electric Fiberglass Cutter 115v or 220v








Our lowest cost rotary cutter is complete with push button sharpening and an extra blade. An excellent, economical device for intricate shapes on light to medium weight fiberglass.  Shown below in the unique extended version.

Penguin Cutter

esmfg142“The Coolest Cutter on the Planet”

Retractable cover for safety makes the blade mounting more secure than competitive rotary cutters.  Rubberized plastic inserts on the handle make this ergonomically designed cutter even more comfortable.  Can be used either right or left handed.